2018 Law of Life Summit Features Thomas More Society Attorneys and Clients


Thomas More Society clients across generations, Joe Scheidler and David Daleiden

Thomas More Society attorneys joined an all-star lineup of pro-life leaders and lawyers at the 2018 Law of Life Summit in Washington, DC, the day before the 45th Annual March for Life through the nation’s capital. 

Thomas More Society’s President and Chief Counsel Tom Brejcha, Executive Vice President and General Counsel Andy Bath, Special Counsel Peter Breen, and Senior Counsels Matt Heffron and Martin Cannon were among the featured speakers at the prestigious annual legal conference dedicated to defending the sanctity of human life in law, media, and culture.

Thomas More Society clients were also showcased on a panel of celebrated pro-life advocates, including David Daleiden, the undercover journalist who exposed Planned Parenthood’s role in baby body parts trafficking, Life Runners founder Dr. Patrick Castle, 40 Days for Life co-founder David Bereit, and Sidewalk Advocates for Life Executive Director Lauren Muzyka.

Lauren Muzyka and Martin Cannon

Thomas More Society client Lauren Muzyka and attorney Martin Cannon

Daleiden, who has been supported in court by the Thomas More Society for the past two years, was a surprise speaker for the crowd.

Breen, part of Daleiden’s legal team, led a question-and-answer session with the journalist who has been sued by the abortion lobby in multiple venues across the country. Breen emphasized that while David Daleiden has a higher profile than most, all pro-life advocates are at risk and should be vigilant. He encouraged the audience to be peaceful in pro-life activism, but to always file police reports “when you believe your rights have been violated.”

Daleiden shared how pro-life activists were tipped off to the fact that abortion facilities were dealing in the trafficking of aborted baby body parts. After Daleiden shared how he sees “the walls closing in on Planned Parenthood” because of federal government actions, he was asked if he feared for his life. Daleiden replied that “we should have no fear of bullies.” When asked by an audience member how they could pray for him, Daleiden asked them to pray that God would give him courage and clarity.

Muzyka sang the praises of the Thomas More Society team, calling them “holy attorneys” for their work defending pro-life sidewalk counselors. She explained that with a peaceful sidewalk counselor out front, abortion appointments go down as much as 70 percent, according to Planned Parenthood.  

Debbie and Tom Brejcha with Knights of Columbus National Director Tom Harger

Debbie and Tom Brejcha with Knights of Columbus National Director Tom Harger near the altar of the Redemptor Hominis Church at the Knights Saint John Paul II National Shrine

“Every sidewalk counselor owes much to Tom Brejcha,” added Cannon, alluding to Brejcha’s groundbreaking work in the three-decade legal battle, Now v. Scheidler. Brejcha founded the Thomas More Society in order to fight the landmark case pitting the abortion industry against the Pro-Life Action League’s Joe Scheidler, known as the “Godfather of the Pro-Life Movement.” 

David Bereit’s activism now leverages the power of the internet, but as co-founder of 40 Days for Life, he has spent time in the trenches. He recalled how Brejcha told the “abortion lawyers” to “bring it on,” leading Bereit to label the Thomas More Society attorneys “pro-life champions.”

Albin Rhomberg, a board member with Daleiden’s organization, Center for Medical Progress, noted that abortion is mass killing and that “mass killing is not tolerance.”

The Law of Life Summit, conceived and coordinated by attorney Royce Hood, brings together pro-life leaders, attorneys, and media, encouraging collaboration to end abortion. The 2018 Law of Life Summit program also included presentations from Ryan Bomberger of The Radiance Foundation, Father Frank Pavone of Priests for Life, and filmmaker Jason Jones, whose critically acclaimed movies include the award-winning 2006 pro-life story, “Bella.”

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