Battle Won for Nuns Against Stone Park Strip Club

Thomas More Society Attorneys’ Legal Action Sees Club Allure Doors Shut for Good

Tom Brejcha, nuns, Stone Park

At the beginning of the battle, Tom Brejcha speaks at a press conference promising to close the strip club.

The Sisters of St. Charles Borromeo can finally rest…and worship, garden, eat, sleep, and pray…in peace, thanks to victorious legal actions on their behalf by Thomas More Society attorneys. After successfully getting the liquor license revoked for Stone Park’s Club Allure, the nuns and their pro bono lawyers have seen the doors to the notorious strip club closed forever. 

In December 2017, after several years of legal action that brought on a firestorm of community support for the nuns, Stone Park village officials yanked the liquor license for the bar and restaurant that drew complaints ranging from noise violations to prostitution.

The face-off between Club Allure and its neighboring convent began in March 2012. Over the next few years, lawyers filed multiple rounds of legal complaints and the nuns staged community protests, bringing the story of “sisters versus strip club” into national headlines.  

“Why a strip club would choose to set up shop in a residential area, much less next to a convent, completely eludes me,” commented Thomas More Society Special Counsel Joan Mannix. “We couldn’t be more delighted that this club is out of business. We’re pleased that the sisters and their neighbors can live without the profound negative effects created by having a strip club just feet away from their homes.”

Throughout the legal battle, Tom Brejcha, President and Chief Counsel of the Thomas More Society, was determined to deliver justice for the nuns, saying, “We will fight this case to the finish, and we aim to win it for the sisters and their neighbors, the nearby residents of both Stone Park and Melrose Park.”  

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