Jankowski v. Meagan Wolfe in her capacity as Administrator of WEC, et. al.

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On April 6, 2022 the Thomas More Society filed a lawsuit against Meagan Wolfe, in her capacity as Administrator of the Wisconsin Elections Commission on behalf of ward Walter Jankowski II and his guardian, Walter Jankowski, Jr. Walter II, who resides in a nursing home in Dane County, suffered from mental problems in the 1970s that were not helped by an unsuccessful brain surgery.

He doesn’t speak or write and has been in this condition since his surgery over 40 years ago. On March 30, 1978, the Dane County Circuit Court issued Walter S. Jankowski II’s son letters of guardianship appointing him as a guardian and making his father a ward without the right to vote.

Walter Jr. has had full guardianship order over his father’s person and estate since then. His father had not voted since 1972, however, Walter Jr., upon checking the Wis Vote records in 2021, discovered that Walter II had requested an absentee ballot and voted in the 2020 election.  This was the first time Walter’s father had voted in 48 years.  On March 30, 2022, Walter checked the Wis Vote database on his father’s voting status.

The Wis Vote voting records indicate that Walter S. Jankowski II has requested and has been sent an absentee ballot for the April 5, 2022 election. To date, Walter is still an active, registered voter even though Wisconsin law prohibits him from registering to vote and cast a vote.

The Thomas More Society is requesting the Commission investigate the circumstances and allegations in our complaint, the election officials involved, and to administer an approriate administrative correction or other remedy.

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