Safeguarding the Cornerstone of American Democracy

Preserving and Protecting Your Sacred Right to Vote

Lawful elections uphold the values we champion and advocate for. Our Election Integrity Initiative investigates, litigates, and educates to guarantee that American elections adhere to all relevant laws.

Fighting for You

Ending Undue Financial Influence

The Thomas More Society’s election integrity team is taking action to stop illegal investments in election administration.

Our public election administration process has been plagued with progressive efforts that seek to influence the electoral process and election outcomes through privately funded grant agreements.

We are advancing cases and encouraging state policies that prevent election officials from entering into contracts with progressive organizations, and working to end the practice of “Information Arbitrage.”

Repairing Trust in Voter Eligibility

Politically motivated election officials have been allowing ineligible voters to register and vote in our elections for far too long. Each ballot cast by an ineligible voter cancels out an eligible voter’s ballot.

We are actively pursuing legal action to stop elder abuse in states where voters who have been designated “incompetent” are allowed to vote; to verify that absentee ballots are issued only to eligible voters in the military and overseas; and to strengthen voter eligibility checks and balances. 

Stopping Illegal Use of Public Data

Through the efforts of the Thomas More Society’s election integrity team, we will stop the illegal use of data to influence elections.

Our legal efforts are challenging the leveraging of government-collected voter-related data (for example, through the Electronic Registration Information Center) by progressive organizations—information that is used to unfairly influence our electoral process.

Our multi-state litigation strategy seeks to protect the private information of citizens and prevent it from being used to influence our elections. 


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