David Daleiden Files at the U.S. Supreme Court

May 18, 2023 8:30 AM

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Important Nationwide Webcast: Protecting the Future of America

You’ll Discover:

  • LOOMING THREATS to pro-life advocacy and sidewalk counseling, the rapidly exploding use of the deadly abortion pill, and the escalating challenges faced by pro-life students coast to coast
  • SHOCKING REVELATIONS about how gender ideology is corrupting our schools — from drag queen story hours to intimidation of school board members for exposing transgender indoctrination in elementary classrooms
  • URGENT UPDATES on David Daleiden’s ongoing legal battles — with the growing potential to reach the U.S. Supreme Court — and the implications for the pro-life movement nationwide
  • PROTECTING DEMOCRACY and the relentless fight for a just electoral system leading up to the 2024 elections, including the challenges posed by a biased voting registration system favoring liberal areas
  • EFFECTIVE STRATEGIES for bravely confronting these, and other, crucial issues head-on to secure a brighter future for life, family values, and democratic principles in the United States