Image of Jesus Defaced in Chicago’s Daley Plaza

Thomas More Society Response to Vandalism of Divine Mercy Image and Display


(Chicago, IL – April 24, 2014) Tuesday night, someone vandalized the Divine Mercy display, which was set up in Daley Plaza by private citizens on April 17th. For eight years, private citizens have displayed an Easter cross, and for the past four years an image of Jesus the Divine Mercy in Daley Plaza, expressing free speech and exercising freedom of religion in the public square. For the previous seven years, the Easter display held its vigils without incident. This is the first time that someone has defaced the images.

“No display – whether religious, political, or artistic – should be destroyed by those who disagree with the message,” said Attorney Jocelyn Floyd of the Thomas More Society. “It is shameful that the image of Jesus Christ was marred last night, but private citizens should not allow the occurrence of vandalism to discourage them from expressing their faith in the public square.”

“Free speech and expression of faith is protected by the First Amendment.” Ms. Floyd added. “Destruction of others’ speech is not.”

Details and background of display here.

More photos of vandalism here.



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