Link Roundup for Monday September 21, 2009

Father John Jenkins Pro-Life Baby Steps
The American Catholic
My opinion on the Cardinal Newman Society’s requests are that the first three I like very much, especially number 2 (Drop criminal charges against those who, through peaceful and civil disobedience, protested last May’s commencement ceremony.)

Marching For Life Onward To Victory
Fraters Libertas
Last spring, Catholics debated the University of Notre Dame’s presenting President Obama with an honorary degree and inviting him to to speak at commencement. My position on the issue was that the university was in the wrong by openly defying the American bishop’s 2004 statement “Catholics in Political Life,” that required Catholic institutions refrain from honoring pro-abortion politicians. Essentially, my position is that an educational institution could allow such a politician to speak, but could not bestow an honor on him. An honorary degree is, by name, an honor.

Petition in support of the First Amendment and the Unborn
Pelican Project

I just recieved an email about a petition drive in the Notre Dame pro life activist arrest. The peolpe at TFP are asking that all who can, sign their pettion to Father Jenkins (President of Notre Dame) asking him to drop the charges on the peaceful activists.

Polarization and the Church
Brown Pelican Society of Louisiana
Inside Catholic
Archbishops Quinn and Sheehan make some interesting points, but Bishop D’Arcy is right. The fundamental issue here is religious and, specifically, ecclesiological. Keeping that fixed clearly in one’s mind doesn’t by itself settle the question of whether to honor pro-choice politicians or give them communion, but it does make it possible to discuss these things in the correct context.

Notre Dame Marches Towards Life
National Catholic Register
The aftermath of President Jenkins’ decision to invite President Barack Obama to speak at Notre Dame’s commencement still reverberates. According to organizers of the online effort, alumni and donors have withheld nearly $14 million in donations from the university.

Notre Dame’s Fr. Jenkins Begins Pro-Life Measures at University, but Still NOT Dropping Charges Against Pro-Life Protestors

Brown Pelican Society of Louisiana
Jenkins’ desire is impossible to achieve while the university president refuses to request leniency for the 88 peaceful pro-life protesters that the university had arrested on the day of the commencement

Notre Dame’s Father Jenkins Begins Pro-Life Measures at University, but Still not Dropping Charges against Pro-Life Protestors
Illinois Federation for Right to Life
Brejcha noted that up until this point all the university had done was profess their pro-life values. “Actions speak louder than words,” he said. “So we’re looking for action.”

A Catholic Lesson In Irony From Notre Dame: ND President Fr. Jenkins To Walk In Anti RvW Parade While Roe Herself Was Arrested At Jenkin’s Request
Jenkins should drop the charges and end what seems to be a personal grudge against these activists. Until he does, he risks being a modern-day Pharisee, hiding behind trespassing statutes to gain retribution against those who publicly disagreed with Jenkins about his invitation to Obama. We’ll pray that Jenkins makes the right decision.

Will dialogue promoter Notre Dame jail pro-lifers? “Drop Charges” petition launched by students

Catholic Online

The American Church’s tug-of-war
The Deacon’s Bench
Conservatives have gained momentum in the past decade among the laity, in seminaries and in the church hierarchy. They have taken to blogs, TV and radio and have become more active in church affairs and in secular politics. That was evident earlier this year when bishops and thousands of lay Catholics publicly opposed President Barack Obama’s speech at the University of Notre Dame on grounds that his pro-choice stance conflicted with Catholic teachings.