Thomas More Society in the News – March 2017

In March, The Thomas More Society continued to actively defend the rights of its clients, including pro-life organizations. Prominent media outlets featured us, helping the Society strengthen support for our pro-life purpose.

A major story was about Illinois pregnancy resource and crisis pregnancy centers’ lawsuit against HHS Secretary and Governor Rauner for requiring pro-life pregnancy centers to offer abortion as an option.

One News Now had the supportive article “Suit challenges law forcing pro-abortion speech”  with TMS’ clear message, communicated by attorney Thomas Olp: “It’s unconstitutional…It’s compelled speech, and it’s viewpoint discrimination. It’s a violation of the Equal Protection Clause.” Read here

Another positive story about the lawsuit was in LifeSite News, which has a substantial article that states “The Thomas More Society is representing 18 women’s health organizations.” Read here

Major media also had fair coverage of the lawsuit. The Journal Star  reports “The lawsuit claims the law’s only intent it to interfere with alerting women that abortion is not the only solution to a problem pregnancy.” Read here

Northern Public radio also featured the story, reporting attorney Thomas Olp’s opinion that “it violates the First Amendment’s speech protection.” Read here

And in other news: thousands of people turned out for Protest Planned Parenthood rallies across the country, and the Washington Times mentioned the Thomas More Society’s support. Read here