Nebraska Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity Bill is “Unconstitutional, Vague and Litigious”

Thomas More Society Attorney Speaks Against Nebraska LB 173

Thomas More Society attorney Matt Heffron testified before the Nebraska Senate Judiciary Committee on February 22, 2017, in defense of the rights of churches, religious organizations and individuals to operate businesses in accordance with their religious or moral beliefs. Heffron addressed the proposed LB 173, its probable unconstitutionality, its vagueness, and the deluge of litigation it would invite.

Heffron analyzed the legal flaws in the proposed law that would create two new protected classes for sexual orientation and gender identity. He testified that neither LB 173 nor the Nebraska Fair Employment Practice Act include exemptions that would give needed protection for any churches or religious organizations.  Nor are there protections for other Nebraska organizations or individuals whose deeply held religious or moral convictions do not endorse homosexuality or who uphold a traditional, biological understanding of gender.

The attorney’s testimony supported the positions of the Nebraska Catholic Conference and the Nebraska Family Alliance.

Read Heffron’s presentation to the Nebraska Senate Judiciary Committee here.