Senior Counsel Matt Heffron Shares Pro-Life Podium with Nebraska Lt. Governor

Senior Counsel Matt Heffron

Senior Counsel Matt Heffron addressed a capacity crowd at the Knights of Columbus Pro-Life Brunch in Fort Calhoun, Nebraska.

Thomas More Society Senior Counsel Matt Heffron was the featured speaker at the Knights of Columbus Pro-Life Brunch at St. John the Baptist Church in Fort Calhoun, Nebraska. Nebraska’s Lieutenant Governor Mike Foley was a surprise attendee at the Sunday, January 28, 2018, annual event.

Heffron spoke about the Thomas More Society’s defense of undercover journalist David Daleiden. He shared highlights of the case, recounting what he called “wildly unfounded” charges by California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, a staunch abortion advocate whose campaign was funded by Planned Parenthood.

Nebraska Lieutenant Governor Mike Foley

Nebraska Lieutenant Governor Mike Foley encouraged pro-life brunch attendees to support legislative efforts to eliminate state funding for abortion providers.

In addition to defending Daleiden’s rights in exposing the abortion industry’s role in trafficking aborted baby parts, Heffron explained how Thomas More Society attorneys protect the rights of peaceful sidewalk counselors. These pro-life witnesses share life-saving alternatives with abortion-bound women outside clinics. Heffron recounted how in New York, the Thomas More Society is defending members of Brooklyn’s Church @ The Rock in a harassment lawsuit brought by Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. Schneiderman, New York’s top law enforcement official, is an outspoken Planned Parenthood supporter who volunteered as a teenager at the same clinic at which these persecuted life advocates are witnessing.

Heffron’s theme, “Totalitarianism vs. the Pro-Life Movement,” explored indications of a growing totalitarian impulse among some left-leaning politicians. There has been a tendency to use the brute force of law enforcement to repress the increasing tide of pro-life activitism. Despite associations of the term “totalitarian” with oppressive regimes like North Korea, China, and Iraq, Heffron demonstrated how some abortion supporters in American government are now willing to use coercion and oppression, after 45 years of being unable to persuade the majority to embrace abortion.

Lieutenant Governor Foley was invited to speak to the capacity crowd. He encouraged those present to support Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts’ legislative effort to eliminate state funding for abortion providers.