Thomas More Society Celebrates Namesake

Thomas More Society celebrates the birthday month of its namesake, Sir Thomas More, the patron saint of attorneys, statesmen and politicians by asking Thomas More Society employees how Sir Thomas More inspires them today.

“Thomas More exemplifies conscience in action.  His principled refusal to take the oath required of him by King Henry VIII was based on a lifetime of active discernment in law and morality.  He is an example for all lawyers and public servants, whose mission is to effectuate justice and the common good.”

— Thomas Olp, Co-Executive Director

“The great English saint is a model for our confused time in that he clearly perceived the imperfect ability of man, and so knew that efforts to build a heaven on earth are futile—literally Utopia (nowhere).   Imagine the evils avoided over the past century had that been well understood in Germany, Russia, China, and too many other places to name.   Yet his example testifies that each of us can grasp a good life through quiet practice of the traditional Christian virtues.  Thomas More’s courage, fortitude, and charity in the face of tyranny and adversity should console and inspire every Christian who senses that such virtues will be necessary to sustain the Faith in coming years.”  

— Mike Hartnett, Development Coordinator

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