Thomas More Society Sponsors Irish Festival to Stop the Legalization of Abortion in Ireland


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You are invited to “The First Annual Irish Festival for Life” to not only learn about what is happening in Ireland, but also to celebrate the Irish culture which is inseparable with a culture of life. There will be Irish music, traditional Irish dancing, with light refreshments and a cash bar.

Right now, Ireland’s pro-life ethos is under severe attack. A recent European Court ruling is insisting that Ireland change her pro-life laws to suit the European abortion regime – against the will of most Irish people. Behind the scenes, an international network of wealthy and powerful organizations are forcing abortion into Ireland, and they are very close to succeeding.

However, we are fighting back for life!  The Thomas More Society (TMS), a national pro-life public interest law firm have just recently helped establish an American organization called Life House Ireland. Its mission is to make “friends for Life” between pro-life American and Irish people to ensure that Ireland stays pro-life, abortion-free and returns a culture of life to Europe and beyond. Life House Ireland is urgently marshalling support in America for the Life Institute in Ireland who are spearheading the campaign to block this attack.

Pro-life champion Niamh Ui Bhriain, president of the Life Institute, is travelling from Dublin as the keynote speaker to brief you about the situation on the ground, the strategic initiatives underway to fend off this powerful assault, and how you can help. A number of America’s pro-life champions are gathering to show their support! Join the fight!