Thomas More Society’s Omaha Attorneys Support ENDA Opposition

Thomas More Society attorney Matt Heffron presenting at the Norfolk Nebraska Public Library.

On February 9, 2017, Thomas More Society Attorney Matt Heffron toured Northeast Nebraska, explaining to groups in four cities and towns the legal and moral reasons to oppose Legislative Bill 173. Arranged by Nebraskans for Founder’s Values, the tour also featured Heffron’s presentation via video during the remaining two days of the tour in additional cities and towns in central and southeastern  Nebraska.

LB 173 is this year’s re-iteration of a Employment “Nondiscrimination” Act, or ENDA, which has failed in the last two legislative sessions. The Nebraska Catholic Conference, and the Nebraskans in general, have roundly opposed it because it creates two new protected classes (sexual orientation and gender identity), using vague terms, and threatening coercive lawsuits against any conscientious objectors, not even having an effective religious-organization exemption

For the last three legislative sessions, Thomas More Society attorneys have worked with the Nebraska Catholic Conference, analyzing proposed legislation, writing widely used position papers, testifying before committees of the Legislature, and providing timely legal research on numerous fast-evolving issues.