Thomas More Society – In the News – February 2018

Throughout the country, the media reported the fantastic news that the Thomas More Society’s client, Students and Parents for Privacy, was successful in maintaining the rule that a biological male has to change behind a curtain in the girls’ locker room at a Palatine, Illinois high school.

  • The Daily Herald featured the Thomas More Society’s victory starting with the headline “Thomas More Society applauds ruling in District 211 transgender suit.”
  • Thomas Brejcha, President and Chief Counsel of the Thomas More Society, told the Washington Times that “Schools should never be forced to give male students unrestricted access to areas where girls are changing clothes. Claiming a female gender identity doesn’t change that.”
  • Public radio station WBEZ acknowledged that it was the law that mattered in the case, reporting that “The judge made his decision based on a strict reading of the Illinois Human Rights Act.”

And another battle was won in California, where the “Santa Cruz Nativity Scene Committee was granted a permit to display the nativity scene on public grounds.” Thomas More Society President Thomas Brejcha told CBN News that “we will not be silent as it is critical that Christians proclaim the Gospel message to their fellow citizens.”

In New York, a judge is questioning the validity of the state’s Attorney General’s assertion that a pro-life group is harassing women outside an abortion clinic. Thomas More Society attorneys told Christian News Network that the “harassment charges are unconstitutionally vague.”