Thomas More Society – In the News – October 2017

  • OneNewsNow reports: Pro-lifers have a constitutional right to tell women that there are alternatives to abortion, yet Chicago is keeping the pro-life message away from them as they enter abortion clinics. The city wants to maintain a large “bubble zone,” and the Thomas More Society is responding to such a violation of free-speech rights by taking the case to the Seventh U.S. Circuit of Appeals.
  • The Thomas More Society’s efforts to thwart another abortion law, which “forces pregnancy physicians to promote abortion,” has become a victory. Attorney Thomas Olp “told the Cook County Record that his legal team and the plaintiffs are ‘very happy’ with the injunction. He said that the plaintiffs agree that the law does, in fact, violate the free speech of physicians who have pro-life viewpoints.”
  • When Illinois Governor Rauner signed abortion legislation, the Thomas More Society did not remain silent, but spoke the truth in the face of that challenging news. Special Counsel Peter Breen, who is now a member of the Illinois House of Representatives, proclaimed his opposition to the Governor’s decision, and was quoted on PBS’s WTTW-TV  and in the Journal Star. 
  • It is such boldness that has prompted praise from various supporters of the Thomas More Society, including Spirit Catholic Radio, whose host told Executive Vice President and General Counsel Andy Bath, “The work that is being done by the Thomas More Society is very, very important.”