True or False: Christian Nativities Can Be Displayed in the Public Square

There is a bit of confusion about the application of ideas behind separation of church and state. Nowhere is this more evident that when it comes to the celebration of Christian holidays and displays of traditional faith in the public square.

John Rustin is President and Executive Director of the North Carolina Family Policy Council

Tom Brejcha, Thomas More Society’s President and Chief Counsel, talks to John Rustin of Family Policy Matters about the legalities of religious expression during the Christmas season.

Brejcha speaks to the importance of choosing the public site carefully for a privately funded nativity. A place where rallies and protests are frequently held and public speeches are documented is best, he explains, “if there is permissible free speech going on in that venue, that makes it, a ‘designated public forum.’”

Freedom of speech and freedom of religion are cornerstones of America’s foundation.  In this interview, Brejcha also addresses resistance to religious expression in schools and shares information on the Thomas More Society’s work with American Nativity Scene. Listen here.