Christopher Ferrara

Senior Counsel

Christopher Ferrara, a dedicated Roman Catholic attorney, pro-life activist, and journalist, serves as Special Counsel for the Thomas More Society. In 1990, he founded the American Catholic Lawyers Association and joined the Thomas More Society in 2020. Ferrara’s legal work focuses on sanctity of life, religious liberty cases, and combatting unjust laws targeting Catholic institutions and infringing on parental rights. Ferrara graduated from Fordham Law in 1977 and practices from a satellite office in the New York metropolitan area. As a widely published author on Catholic Church affairs, he brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to his work with Thomas More Society.

A devoted family man, Ferrara is married and has six children. His steadfast commitment to defending religious liberties and life, along with his extensive legal experience, make him an invaluable asset to Thomas More Society and the causes he passionately supports.

Fairfield, NJ
Fordham University, Fordham University School of Law
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