Upholding Freedom of Conscience

Upholding Freedom of Conscience

Restoring Respect for Liberty in Law

We stand by your side in countering any attempts to undermine your freedom.

Protecting Worship Communities

For decades, we’ve passionately championed the causes of everyday individuals confronting remarkable injustices, from the sidewalks and town squares to the Supreme Court.

Beloved Church Case

  • FILED: April 2020
  • STATE: Illinois
  • CLIENT: Pastor Stephen Cassell
  • DETAILS: Governor J.B. Pritzker’s executive orders mandated that Cassell close his church early in the pandemic. Local officials threatened church staff with arrest and prosecution.

South Bay Case

  • FILED: May 2020
  • STATE: California
  • CLIENTS: South Bay United Pentecostal Church
  • DETAILS: Governor Gavin Newsom enforced strict limitations on all places of worship in California in response to COVID-19. The church claimed these restrictions disproportionately affected them by banning indoor services and singing.

Father Soos Case

  • FILED: June 2020
  • STATE: New York
  • CLIENTS: Rev. Steven Soos et. al.
  • DETAILS: The governor of New York and the mayor of New York City exploited the COVID-19 pandemic by enforcing an arbitrarily applied “social distancing” protocol. This was used to shut down a Catholic priest conducting outdoor services for his congregation.

How We Can Help You

Church closures

Do the authorities treat your church like second-class citizens?

Worship services are essential services. Your church has the right to remain open and your congregation has the right to gather freely.

First Amendment violations

Do you have to compromise your convictions to make a living?

You can live, work, and express yourself artistically in accordance with your faith. Some famous recent cases involve high-profile disputes over wedding cakes, but your rights apply in other contexts, too.

Conscience rights

Do certain medical procedures violate your religious beliefs?

Then your organization does not have to provide, fund, or insure them. That includes abortion, contraception, gender transition, and more.

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