Bernard Gallo v. Washington Nationals Baseball Club, LLC

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After being placed on unpaid administrative leave in August 2021, Mr. Gallo sought legal counsel to protest the discrimination against him and fight for his job position. On September 6, 2021, our attorney’s office sent an email to Bob Frost in Human Resources and Betsy Philpott on Mr. Gallo’s behalf, notified the Defendant that termination of Mr. Gallo upon denial of his religious exemption request was unlawful discrimination under Title VII, 42 USC §§ 2000e, et. seq.

Mr. Gallo is a devout Christian with sincerely held pro-life beliefs, and he “strenuously objects to injecting into his body a vaccination that is any way connected with taking the life of another human being through abortion,” which he has learned is true of all covid-19 vaccines currently available in the United States.

On April 20, 2022  The Thomas More Society filed a complaint on behalf of our client, Bernard Gallo against Defendant Washington Nationals Baseball Club LLC, seeking to reverse Mr. Gallo’s termination. Our complaint requests the Defendant reinstate Mr. Gallo’s employment and award him backpay damages, with interest, and reasonable attorney’s fees and costs, and any other relief that the Court deems proper, including but not limited to, punitive damages for Defendant’s malicious deprivation of Mr. Gallo’s rights.

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