Klitzke v. Meagan Wolfe in her capacity as Administrator of WEC, et. al.

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On March 31, 2022 the Thomas More Society filed a complaint against Meagan Wolfe in her capacity as Administrator of the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC), Angie Cain in her capacity as Town Clerk in Grand Chute, and Barb Bocik in her capacity as Outagamie County County Clerk.

The complaint alleges that while WEC administers the Wisvote database with the municipal clerks, it does not accurately record all “no vote” guardianship orders in the Wisvote database for the purpose of preventing ineligible wards from registering to vote and from voting.

The complaint shows Public officials violated Wisconsin law and circuit court ‘no vote’ orders allowing our client and others similarly situated to vote in the 2020 election, and in the April 2021 election. These same voters are eligible to vote in future elections.

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