Thomas More Society Receives Assurance from Fort Wayne School Board that Rights Will Be Protected

No Repeat of Principal’s Rampage as Pro-Life Activists Revisit Indiana High School

In April 2017, a group of pro-life advocates brought pro-life signs to the public walkway outside South Side High School in Fort Wayne, Indiana. They talked to students after school dismissed for the day…and nothing happened. Attorneys at the Thomas More Society and Mark Harrington, National Director of Created Equal, are claiming the non-event as a victory. The peaceful April interaction outside the secondary school was in stark contrast to what happened the previous fall. On November 18, 2016, South Side High School Principal Carlton Mable verbally assaulted pro-life advocates who were legally and peacefully holding pro-life signs on the public right of way.

Mable’s tirade, caught on video and amassing over 50,000 views on YouTube, shows the Indiana principal screaming at participants to “get off my property,” grabbing their pro-life signs and hurling them into the street.

Attorney Thomas Dixon, Thomas More Society Special Counsel, wrote a letter to the City of Fort Wayne and the Fort Wayne Community School Corporation demanding that they respect the constitutional rights of Created Equal’s pro-life advocates. In response, lawyers for both the City and the School Corporation indicated that they will respect the rights of the pro-life advocates and that the police department told Mable his actions will not be tolerated again.  

Harrington was happy to report that the participants in a pro-life witness outside the school on April 21, 2017, told Created Equal that they received no challenge to their presence. “We set up in the same place we did last time about 5 minutes before school got out,” stated one participant. “When school let out we talked about the horror of abortion to students as they came out. We didn’t see any school administrators during the outreach. Thanks to the Thomas More Society’s legal intervention, we were able to share our message without being harassed.”

Read the December 2, 2016, letter sent by Attorney Thomas M. Dixon to Fort Wayne School Board here.

View the video documenting South Side High School Principal Carlton Mable’s actions against peaceful pro-life advocates on the public right of way here.