Defending Those Who Defend Life

Defending Those Who Defend Life

With You From the Sidewalk to the Courtroom

Since our very first case, NOW v. Scheidler, we have steadfastly supported our nation’s pro-life champions. We have fought against coercion and intimidation—all the way to the Supreme Court—and have emerged victorious. As a leading pro-life law firm, we have established the groundwork for you to protest the grave injustice of abortion wherever it occurs. If your right to advocate for your beliefs is ever violated, we are the foremost and most reliable resource to call upon.

Additionally, we have successfully represented clients who object to providing abortion-related medical coverage because of their religious convictions, as well as those who oppose the unlawful use of taxpayer funds for abortion.

What You Need to Know

How should I respond if law enforcement approaches me?

First and foremost, comply immediately with their directives. You do not want to expose yourself or your cause to unnecessary risks. Following that, contact Thomas More Society.

What’s the best way to request help from you?

Fill out and submit the pro-life legal aid form promptly. Ensure you include as many relevant details of the case as possible.

Will I need to appear in court?

Not every case requires litigation. In fact, most don’t. We will collaborate with you to determine the most effective way to protect your rights and resolve the issue at hand.

What pro-life legal issues can you help me with?

We prioritize assisting anyone with a clear and compelling case. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Challenging unfair bubble and buffer zone laws
  • Defending students from biased school policies
  • Guiding clients through local sign ordinances
  • Aiding clients with damaged or stolen property
  • Representing clients harassed for pro-life work
  • Representing clients seeking religious exemptions for providing abortion or contraceptive medical coverage
  • Supporting clients with sincere religious objections to vaccine requirements that involve the use of aborted fetal tissue

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